What does Lordex mean?

 “Lord” for the Lordosis region of the lumbar spine. “Ex” for exercise. The proprietary equipment developed by Lordex took 15 years of research to become what is now known in doctors’ offices across the country as the Lordex Lumbar Spine System. The system is comprised of the Lordex Decompression Unit, the RX1 Lordex Strength Restoration machine, and the therapist-assisted Lordex Stretch-Flex program.

How does Lordex work?

Lordex targets the lumbar muscles to reintroduce kinetic activity. TheLordex Decompression Unit then comfortably tractions the spinal joint, decompressing the disc and reducing pain. Unlike conventional traction that stretches the back only, the Lordex Decompression procedure aids in reconstitution and disc healing, allowing increased circulation to the damaged area. The therapy is gentle, yet effective.

A member of our clinical staff administers each Lordex session.  Our guests find the experience relaxing and painless. The technology is advanced and recognized. Lordex guests have been able to enjoy a clinical success rate of 86% for favorable treatment, greatly enhancing their overall quality of life.

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Lordex Spinal Decompression

Developed by Dr. John Boren at the Lordex Spine Institute of Houston, Texas, and based on the principles researched at major universities and in clinical settings, Lordex relieves patients of their back pain by re-establishing functional capacity and decompressing the sensitive nerve fibers non-operatively. That is, without surgery. By “reeducating” the nerve fibers through subtle movement, patients are able to restore health to the sensory nerves; transmitting healthy signals rather than terrifying, debilitating pain. Patients suffering with herniated discs, degenerative joint disease, sciatica and facet syndromes now have this option; a treatment that has been demonstrated to be more successful in the alleviation of pain.